Monthly Archives: August 2011

My Wedding Invitations

Illustration, design and production of my husband’s and my wedding invitations shot by the incredibly talented Amelia Lyon. Read More…

“Attract” Media Kit

In-house design and production for the Santa Monica Daily Press’ Entertainment and Movie Industry media kit.

Visual Problem: Re-familiarize entertainment and movie industries to the advertising opportunities of attracting the Santa Monica Daily Press’ affluent local readers who are chic, industry savy, educated moviegoers.

Santa Monica Pier — 100 Years

Freelance in-house design and production for Santa Monica Daily Press for B2B sales collateral and 60+ page special section publication to celebrate Santa Monica Pier’s Centennial Anniversary.

SMDP’s Cover Art

In-house design, art direction and production of Weekend Edition and Special Section Covers for the Santa Monica Daily Press.

Visual Problem Because these editions sat on the rack longer than the daily paper, they required extra visual impact to have more curb appeal.

Solution: Employed various image-making skills including digital compositing, illustration, and photography to cater to each article.

War in Pieces

Illustration, design and production for TUSK Magazine.

Visual Problem: Create main art for an article featuring a father who tries to solve the puzzle of his Marine son’s death.

Solution: I digitally decoupaged a portrait of the father using newspaper articles because the news media coverage was a large part of his success uncovering the truth behind his son’s passing.

Funnel Mill

In-house design and production for Santa Monica Daily Press’ client, Funnel Mill

Visual Problem: Created a coherent design for small Santa Monica coffee and tea house to introduce business to local consumers and increase brand awareness.

Green Mondays

Inhouse design and production for Santa Monica Daily Press

Visual Problem: Develop branding and collateral for “Green Mondays,” a B2B campaign driven to connect Santa Monica green businesses with its city’s eco-friendly consumers. This was a joint venture between the editorial and advertising departments to create more readership and sales.

Solution: Direct Mailers, sales onesheets and new logo resulted in a 2.5 percent advertisement increase.